Cash Advance

An innovative alternative to a traditional business loan

Merchant Cash Advance 

A Merchant Cash Advance is an innovative alternative to a traditional business loan. The concept has only existed for a few years but is already a leading finance solution for UK business.

Any business that receives payment via a card terminal can get a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). An MCA works by taking an affordable, agreed-upon percentage of your daily card takings. The repayment of the loan is paid directly through your card terminal provider, offering a convenient method of repayment. You repay at the pace of your business, so the payments will fluctuate directly in proportion to your daily card sales.

The lender works directly with the terminal provider, which allows them to have a quick understanding of your business, simplifying and speeding up the loan application which can be processed the same day. Unlike other types of lending, there’s no need for credit checks, review of your accounts or security.

This type of loan is an ideal solution for businesses with limited assets, but a good volume of card transactions every month.

How We Can Help

With our extensive network, we’re able to provide you with a wide selection of MCA options, including cash advances of up to £1 million. After filling in a quick form, one of our experienced account managers will be in touch to discuss your needs and guide you through our quick and easy process.


Cash Advances of Up to £1 million


No Assets or security Required


Flexible repayment


Quick and easy


Repayment based on Card Sales


Easy direct repayment